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With over 20 years’ experience in the world of decorating investment properties, the team at Kelling’s sister company, KD² understands the demanding requirements and standards for renovating and furnishing London’s top investment properties.

This insight, combined with our knowledge of how to implement clever, cost-effective and speedy design solutions, enables the investor to maximise rental or sales returns.

We also know how to incorporate long-term maintenance solutions into great design. This results in lower costs during letting periods and shorter turnaround times between lettings or sales.

To illustrate how KD² can substantially increase your rental yield and capital value we have used an example of a one bed property in Kensington recently bought for £895,000. Following a full refurbishment which included the kitchen and bathroom, supplying of furniture for a total budget of £60,000. We relaunched the property for rental just six weeks later with an increase in rental yield of 24% and an increase in the value of over £250k.

For advice on how to maximise returns on your rental properties, please contact one of the KD² team.