All Things India!

Our blog for May has been written by Zara and gives us a fascinating insight into the recent Kelling trip to India – a very full on 5 days with lots of excitements on the horizon!

We managed to pack a lot into our time in India. This was the first trip that Emma & I have done together, and I hope there will be many more to come. Our first stop was with Nitesh, who makes all of our Dhurries. He has a showroom piled high with Dhurries in every design and colour imaginable, one has to remain very focused and not get totally over excited! Our goal was to collate a collection of Dhurries for our new business, Bombay Sprout, many of the products from which will be sold by KD Loves. I always think in colour and in another life I must have been a rather well covered Ganesh as India really feels like home to me! Every street, shop front and rickshaw has been designed by some creative soul and is a real inspiration. It is a constant but wonderful overload to the senses. We finished the day having made some constructive decisions, looking forward to venturing out into the weaving villages the next day.

We had an early start and drove out of Jaipur and the surrounding countryside. Along the way, Nitesh was telling us about their wonderful Prime Minsiter, Modi, who is making so many positive changes to the lives of so many. He has insisted that every house hold has a loo of some kind and this was being implemented already in the remote villages that we visited. It is so important to know and see what goes into the making of each and every Dhurrie. It is an incredibly skilled and labour-intensive process and the finished product is a real labour of love. Meeting the weavers and their families was incredibly humbling; large numbers live and work alongside each other and family is so important to them. A very memorable morning.

With so much going on, keep watching this space….!