Kelling Loves by Pooky

Sharing our love of burnt orange, among other things, it has been a delight to work with Pooky on our Kelling Loves collaboration this month. Featuring beautiful pieces from Pooky, Wicklewood, Bombay Sprout & more…

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5 minutes with Rohan Blacker, Founder of Pooky

What do you think are the most important features when designing a space?

Number one is light….it has to be (I guess I would say that wouldn’t I?).  Lighting determines pretty everything within a design.  What are the light sources – windows, skylights, doors – is it direct light, South facing, or is it calmer more consistent North light?  What is the space to be used for – is it a functional space like a kitchen or a bathroom, or is it more of a chilled out living space?  Lighting, and how you layer the light plays directly to the feel and ambience within a space.  Get that right, and that includes the colours, and pretty much everything else should fall into place.  Sounds easy….but it never is!  The other great thing about lighting, is that whilst it’s predominantly functional, the lights themselves are also so often things of beauty in themselves – stand out, sculptural or sleek and understated.  Hours – a lifetime - of fun!

What is the one thing you would have to have in every property you ever lived in?

Home is about surrounding yourself with things that mean something to you.  It is, if you’ll forgive the pretention, a representation of the rich tapestry that is your life.  For me the things that really matter are the paintings, and the photos on the wall….things collected throughout my life, all of which mean something, and have a resonance and a link to the past and previous good times. A good re-hang once in a while is a brilliant thing to do, and to give you a fresh perspective.

What is your favourite piece of furniture?

A large round mahogany Georgian dining table.  It belonged to my parents, and we use it all the time since our dining room is effectively part of the kitchen.  Dining in the round is a good format and much more inclusive.

Your favourite colour?

A sort of strong, burnt orange.  Not terracotta, more orange than that!  Strong, powerful and life affirming!

And finally, our ‘verging on the ridiculous’, quick fire questions!

  • Coffee or green juice in the morning? Green juice, only by dint of the fact that any caffeine throws me over the edge.
  • What country would you most like to live in? Italy
  • Bold colours or neutrals? Bold
  • Royal Academy or Tate Modern? RA
  • Soho House or Firmdale? Soho House
  • North or South of the River? North
  • Mini or Maserati? Mini
  • Sun or Snow? Difficult. I guess snow, but ideally I’d have them both together!
  • Pug or Parrot? Pug
  • Brunch or Cocktails? Cocktails
  • Sushi or Beef Wellington? Sushi